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Dolphin Sigma


Dolphin Sigma® Robotic Cleaner

Save $400
Save $400
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yes includes

yes Sigma® includes

Cleans floor (no wall or tile / waterline coverage)Ultimate Coverage - Full floor, wall, and waterline coverage
Includes Filter Options - Ultra-Fine and Standard Filter Includes Filter Options - Ultra-Fine and Standard Filter Sets
Year Warranty Backed by best-in-class 3 year warranty
Programmable Weekly Timer - Schedule cleanings every 24, 48, 72 hrs
Anti-Tangle Swivel - Patented 360 Degree Rotation
myDolphin Plus Smartphone App
Advanced Scheduling Options - Program Sigma to run on specific days and times every week.
Gyroscopic Sensors - Groundbreaking technology allows Sigma to clean better than ever before

yes does not include

yes Sigma® does not include

No Remote Control Capability


Waterline Cleaning yes  
myDolphin Plus App yes  
Gyroscope yes  
Standard Filter yes  
Ultra-Fine Filters
($79.99 Value)
Programmable Timer yes  
Dual Stabilizer yes  
Cable Swivel yes  
3 Year Warranty yes  

Dolphin Sigma®

Waterline Cleaning yes  
myDolphin Plus App yes  
Gyroscope yes  
Standard Filter yes  
Ultra-Fine Filters
($79.99 Value)
Programmable Timer yes  
Dual Stabilizer yes  
Cable Swivel yes  
3 Year Warranty yes  

Head To Head Review Analysis

Cleaning Performance

While the Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Echo are both designed to clean your pool's floor and walls, only the Dolphin Sigma provides full pool coverage as it is able to clean every inch of your pool - including the waterline. The Dolphin Echo will miss the waterline, as it will only cover the pool floor and walls. This part of the swimming pool is vulnerable to dirt, grime, and algae buildup and accumulate. While other cleaners fall from the wall, waterline cleaning allows the robot to stay firmly planted against the wall all the way to the top. If your robot doesn't reach and clean the scum line, you'll still need to manually brush the pool afterwards each clean.

For the first time ever, the Dolphin Sigma's Dual Control Stabilizers and advanced microprocessor enable precise control and positioning of the robot. Thanks to these triple commercial grade motors, gyroscope, and dual stabilizer, the Dolphin Sigma cleans with more precision and power than previous generations of pool cleaners. The dual stabilizer acts as a counterbalance so the Sigma can effectively cling to the pool walls and waterline and even doubles as a handle. This allows Sigma to clean your pool floor, walls, and waterline (also called the scum line).

Dolphin Sigma Climbing Rocks
Dolphin Sigma's Powerful Waterline Cleaning

The Dolphin Echo will only cover pool floors and walls, as the Echo does not include the ability to reach the tile line. The Dolphin Echo will clean your pool floor and walls, but expect it to miss your waterline entirely.

Filter Options

Filters are one of the most important parts of a pool cleaner. A true robotic pool cleaner doesn't just vacuum, but scrubs away and filters out microscopic particles in your water. Dolphin's ultra-fine filter captures what the standard fine filter can't, such as sand and microscopic algae, while still picking up leaves, twigs, and even small bugs.

Dolphin Sigma Fine Filter
Dolphin Sigma's Cartridge Filter

Breaking down each of their filter options, the Dolphin Sigma® includes 2 filter sets: ultra-fine Filter Cartridges and the standard filters. The Dolphin Echo includes only one filter option, the standard filter, but won't include the ultra-fine Filter. The ultra-fine Filter helps filter your pool water and removes small, microscopic algae, debris, and bacteria from your pool. The Echo comes with one filter option included. While, the Dolphin Sigma® includes 2 Filter Cartridge Sets: ultra-fine and Standard. This gives you the ability to swap filters based on your pool's needs. If you need to clean up regular debris and leaves, you can use the fine filter cartridge. If your pool has lots of sand, algae, or even cloudy pool water, use the ultra-fine cartridges to filter and clean your pool.

Dolphin Sigma UltraFine and Fine Filter
Sigma includes both the fine and ultra-fine filter set

The Dolphin Sigma includes:

  • Standard Cartridge Filter Set
  • ultra-fine Cartridge Filter Set

The Dolphin Echo includes:

  • Standard Cartridge Filter

Ease of Use

Both robots are super simple to set up and use. To get started, simply plug the power supply into an outdoor outlet, plug the unit into the power supply, drop the unit into the water, and press start. Only the Dolphin Sigma has a Programmable Timer, which not only allows you to schedule to automatically run daily, every other day, or every three days, but also gives you Advanced Scheduling. Advanced Scheduling allows the robot to be set to run on specific days and times every week. So, if you want to clean Monday at 5pm and Saturday at 10am, it is as easy as the touch of a button – giving you the true automatic pool cleaner experience. This programmable timer and Advanced Scheduling feature isn't an available on the Dolphin Echo.

Dolphin Sigma UltraFine and Fine Filter
myDolphin Plus App

myDolphin Plus App

Only the Dolphin Sigma includes the myDolphin Plus App – which allows you to control the robot over Wi-Fi from anywhere. The myDolphin Plus app is available for both Apple and Android products. If you don’t have the ability to use Wi-Fi, the Sigma can still be used via a Bluetooth connection. Dolphin Sigma has Advanced Scheduling – which allows you to set the Sigma to run on specific days and times, giving you complete control. Giving you the ability to clean at 5pm Monday night while cleaning 10am on Saturday. Sigma knows and records distance travelled, time spent cleaning, gallons filtered, and kilowatts saved. The Sigma even has the Manual Drive, where you can remote control the robot right from the app. The Dolphin Echo doesn’t have the myDolphin Plus app and lacks these features.

Anti-Tangle Swivel

Only the Dolphin Sigma includes Maytronics’ patented anti-tangle swivel, which helps minimize cord tangling. The Tangle Free Swivel from Maytronics allows the robot to rotate 360 degrees without your cord getting tangled. Without it, the Echo's cord can get tangled and caught up in your pool – leaving a tangled mess.


A Warranty is one of the most important aspects of a pool robot. With Maytronics manufacturer warranty, the Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Echo are both fully covered. Maytronics' limited warranty isn't pro-rated or limited to hours/cycles. The Dolphin Sigma has a 50% longer warranty compared to the Echo. The Dolphin Sigma includes a 3-year best-in-class warranty, while the Dolphin Echo only has a 2 year warranty.The Sigma® offers a longer warranty: 36 months (3 years) compared to the Echo' 24 month warranty (2 years). The Dolphin Sigma provides 12 more months of coverage when compared to the Dolphin Echo

Which is the better pool robot?

When comparing the Sigma to the Dolphin Echo, the Dolphin Sigma has triple commercial-grade motors, a gyroscope, better pool coverage with waterline cleaning, a Dual Stabilizer, ultra-fine filter set, and a 50% longer warranty when compared to the Dolphin Echo. If you want an automatic pool robot that does it all, the Dolphin Sigma may be for you.


Dolphin Sigma

Part Number 99991036-SPLI
Waterline Cleaning Yes
# of Filters Included: 2
Filter Cleaning Ultra-fine and Standard Filter Cartridge sets
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning Cycle hours 2.5 hours
Number of Brushes 4
Cable Length 60 ft
Anti-Tangle Swivel Yes
Pool Types In Ground
Maximum Pool Size 50 ft
Pool Shape Rectangle, Oval, or Freeform
Obstacles Steps, Ladder, Drain Cover, Ledges, Pop-Ups
Surface Concrete, Plaster, Gunite, Pebble, Tile, Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass
Media-Alert® Yes
Automated Weekly Timer Yes
Remote operation Yes - Through App
Restocking Fee
Warranty Years 3 Years
MSRP $ $1897


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